German–Israeli Research Workshop on Optimization

Technion–Israel Institute of Technology
Center for Mathematical Sciences
Supported by the Mallat Family Fund for Research in Mathematics
the  German Research Foundation (DFG)
German–Israeli Research Workshop on Optimization 
 October 16-19, 2017
The growing importance of optimization has been realized in recent years. This is due not only to theoretical developments in this area, but also because of numerous applications to engineering and economics.The topics which will be discussed cover many important areas of optimization including numerical optimization, stochastic optimization, optimal control with PDE and variational analysis.

For the workshop poster, please click here: Poster


Diethard Pallaschke (Karlsruhe)
Simeon Reich (Technion)
Itai Shafrir (Technion)
Vladimir Shikhman (Chemnitz)
Oliver Stein (Karlsruhe)
Gershon Wolansky (Technion)
Alexander Zaslavski (Technion)


List of Participants:

Zvi Artstein, Weizmann Institute of Sciences
Michel Baes, ETH Zürich
Tomas Bajbar, University of Frankfurt
Amir Beck,  Tel Aviv University
Radu Bot,  University of Wienna
Andrzej  Cegielski, UZ Zgora
Yair Censor, University of Haifa
Stephan Dempe, University of  Freiberg
Ionina Eldar, The Technion
Andreas Fischer,TU Dresden
Aviv Gibali,  Ort Braude College
Valery Glizer, Ort Braude College
Harald Günzel, RWTH Aachen
Alexander Ioffe, The Technion
Ilya Ioslovich,  The Technion
Yakar Kannai, Weizmann Institute of Science
Ekaterina Kostina, University of Heidelberg
Martin Knossalla, University of  Erlangen-Nürnberg
Hong-Kung Xu, National Sun Yat- Sen University
Alex Kruger, FUA, Ballarat
Boris Mordukhovich, Wayne State University
Yurii Nesterov, UC Louvain
Diethard Pallaschke, Unversity of Karlsruhe
Arkady Poliakovsky, Ben Gurion University 
Roman Polyak, The Technion
Daniel Reem, The Technion
Simeon Reich, The Technion
Vera Roshchina, RMIT University
Shoham Sabach, The Technion
Simone Sagratella, University of Rome
Itai Shafrir, The Technion
Yekini Shehu, University of Nigeria
Vladimir Shikhman, TU Chemnitz
Oliver Stein, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Christiane Tammer,  University of Halle 
Marc Teboulle, Tel Aviv University
Fredi Troltzsch, Technische Universitat Berlin
Amos Uderzo, University of Milano-Bicocca 
Boris Vexler, TU München
Gershon Wolansky, The Technion
Rafal  Zalas, The Technion
Alex Zaslavski, The Technion
Michael Zibulevsky, The Technion



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