Summer Projects in Mathematics 2017


Sunday-Friday, September 10 -15, 2017

The registration is now open until the 15th of July  (Registration form)

The Faculty of Mathematics at the Technion is inviting motivated undergraduate students (finishing their 2nd and 3rd year*) to experience research level mathematics in a week of projects. The projects will be mentored by professors, postdocs and graduate students from the faculty. Each group will consist of 2-4 students working on the same research topic. In addition, the program includes social gatherings with the faculty members. Housing, meals, and a stipend will be provided.

(*) Registration is open  for students from all departments as well as for master students at the beginning of their studies.

Information about the projects: 

1. Mirela Ben-Chen: Smoothly orienting cubes

2. Avi Berman and Naomi Shaked Monderer: Colin de Verdière graph invariant

3. Omer Bobrowski: A generalized random 2-complex

4. Baptiste Devyver: Index of free boundary minimal surfaces

5. Michael Entov: What is the minimal possible number of non-degenerate critical
points of a smooth function on a closed 2-dimensional surface?

6. Nir Gavish: Numerical analysis in auction theory

7. Ron Holzman: Combinatorial games

8. Michael Khanevsky: Foliation of surfaces

9. Amos Nevo: Uniform distribution

10. Amy Novick-Cohen: Motion of manifolds by surface diffusion

11. Ross Pinsky: Cycles in random permutations

Organizers: Ram Band, Baptiste Devyver and Ron Rosenthal