A PDE Day with Prof. Louis Nirenberg

A PDE Day with Professor Louis Nirenberg

A tribute to Louis Nirenberg and a celebration of his 2015 Abel Prize

Professor Louis Nirenberg

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Registration is now closed.

Among the participants:

1. Shmuel Agmon (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

2. Henri  Berestycki (EHESS)

3. Isabeau Birindelli (Roma 1)

4. Haïm Brezis (Rutgers University and The Technion)

5. Yanyan Li (Rutgers University)

6. Moshe Marcus (The Technion)


Organizing committee: Yehuda Pinchover, Itai Shafrir

The lectures will take place at Auditorium 232, Amado Mathematics Building, Technion

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