Summer Projects in Mathematics 2017


Sunday-Friday, September 10 -15, 2017

The registration is now closed 

The Faculty of Mathematics at the Technion is inviting motivated undergraduate students (finishing their 2nd and 3rd year*) to experience research level mathematics in a week of projects. The projects will be mentored by professors, postdocs and graduate students from the faculty. Each group will consist of 2-4 students working on the same research topic. In addition, the program includes social gatherings with the faculty members. Housing, meals, and a stipend will be provided.

(*) Registration is open  for students from all departments as well as for master students at the beginning of their studies.

Information about the projects: 

1. Mirela Ben-Chen: Smoothly orienting cubes

2. Avi Berman and Naomi Shaked Monderer: Colin de Verdière graph invariant

3. Omer Bobrowski: A generalized random 2-complex

4. Baptiste Devyver: Index of free boundary minimal surfaces

5. Michael Entov: What is the minimal possible number of non-degenerate critical
points of a smooth function on a closed 2-dimensional surface?

6. Nir Gavish and Meliha Sezgin : Numerical analysis in auction theory

7. Ron Holzman: Combinatorial games

8. Michael Khanevsky: Foliation of surfaces

9. Amos Nevo: Uniform distribution

10. Amy Novick-Cohen: Motion of manifolds by surface diffusion

11. Ross Pinsky: Cycles in random permutations

Organizers: Ram Band, Baptiste Devyver and Ron Rosenthal