Summer School: The complex math of the real world

The CMS presents – Summer School 2018 in Applied Mathematics: 

The complex math of the real world

A research workshop of the Israeli Science Foundation

 July 15-19, 2018

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All lectures will take place in the Amado building, auditorium 232

Presentation – Eduard Feireisl

Presentation – Len Pismen

Presentation – Baruch Meerson

Presentation – Robert McCann

Additional work of Robert McCann

Photos from the summer school

Applied Mathematics is about the development and study of Mathematical frameworks to solve challenging problems in science and engineering. Although these tools and approaches are typically derived within a specific context or problem setup, e.g,. phase field models and related interfacial motion, they are often applicable to other problems and sometimes even reveal unexpected connections between different disciplines.

During the summer school, four main speakers will deliver a series of lectures or mini-courses on various topics including phase field modeling, gradient flows, partial differential equations, optimal transport, and dynamical systems, and in numerous contexts including complex materials, charge transport, fluid dynamics, coupled oscillators, and more.

The mini-courses include:

  1. Eduard Feireisl: Mathematics of fluids in motion Presentation
  2. Chun Liu: Energetic Variational approaches in complex materials
  3. Robert McCann: Optimal transportation between unequal dimensions
  4. Arkady Pikovsky: Synchronization

Additional speakers will present outreach lectures emphasizing possible applications.


This is a rather broad program, and the school aims to provide PhD students in Applied Mathematics and related disciplines, as well as researchers, an exposure to various Mathematical approaches to different problems. Ample time within the school is allocated for the promotion of informal scientific discussions among the participants.

Location & Directions: All lectures take place at the Department of Mathematics of the Technion in Haifa, Israel.

Accommodations and registration:

Accommodation details will be provided at a later stage.

We expect that we will be able to partially cover local expenses of participants.

If you are interested in attending, please register (once the registration is open) so that we would be able to provide additional details as they are available to us.

Organizers: Nir Gavish, Alex Nepomnyashchy, Amy Novick-Cohen and Gershon Wolansky.
Scientific Committee: David Kinderlehrer, Chun Liu, Amy Novick-Cohen and Arkady Pikovsky