Summer School 2019

You are invited to the 2019 Summer School:

Into the forest: group actions on trees and generalizations

July 28 – August 1, 2019


(registration will be open util July 1st, 2019)



The summer school aims to expose graduate students to the theory of group actions on generalisations of trees and their applications in Geometric Group Theory. The summer school will consist of 5 mini-courses introducing the participants to different generalisations of trees and surveying known results. In addition, there will be a few research talks in related topics.

There will be 5 mini-courses, given by:

Indira Chatterji (UNSA) – Median Spaces
Bruno Duchesne (IECL) – Dendrites
Mark Hagen (UoB) – CAT(0) Cube Complexes
Arnaud Hilion (AMU) – R-trees
Michah Sageev (Technion) – Bass-Serre Theory

Organizer: Nir Lazarovich