Summer projects 2020

You are invited to take part in our:

Math Research Week 2020 

September 6-10,2020

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Code of conduct

Information for the participants

The projects will take place at the Technion in accordance with the Israeli health guidelines

The Mathematics faculty at the Technion is inviting motivated undergraduate students (finishing their 2nd and 3rd year) to experience  mathematical research in a week of projects. The projects will be mentored by professors, postdocs and graduate students from the Faculty of Mathematics. Each group will consist of 2-4 students working on the same research topic.  In addition, the program includes social gatherings with the faculty members. Housing, meals, and a stipend will be provided.


  • Sunday 10:00: meeting & greeting (via Zoom)
  • Monday 9:30: morning lecture by Nir Gavish (via Zoom)
  • Wednesday 9:30: morning lecture by Ron Aharoni (via Zoom)
  • Thursday 13:30: Graduates panel (via Zoom)

All other time will be dedicated to the projects.

Projects and mentors:

  1. Ram Band: Nodal domains of the Dirichlet to Neumann map on graphs
  2. Max Gurevich: Quantized multiplicities for representations of p-adic groups
  3. Ivan Levcovitz and Federico Salmoiraghi : Fibered 3-manifolds
  4. Krishna Manoorkar and Amir Yehudayoff: Learning with low mutual information
  5. Eduardo Mayer Wolf: Explicit analysis of Markov chains
  6. Satish Pandey and Orr Shalit: Hilbert function spaces of analytic functions in a complex variable
  7. Liran Rotem: Functional duality and Santal´o type inequalities
  8. Gershon Wolansky: How to solve a periodic tangram? – project cancelled
  9. Udi Yariv: Effective diffusion of microscopic swimmers – project cancelled

The number of positions is limited. Please apply as soon as possible.

OrganizersMichael Khanevsky, Nir Lazarovich & Tali Pinsky