Multivariable Operator Theory

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invite you to a Research Workshop:

Multivariable Operator Theory at the Technion, June 18-22, 2017

On the occasion of Baruch Solel’s 65th Birthday

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Orr Shalit, Technion
Eli Shamovich, Technion

Scientific committee:
Kenneth Davidson, University of Waterloo
John McCarthy, Washington University in St. Louis
Paul Muhly, University of Iowa
Orr Shalit, Technion
Baruch Solel, Technion

List of speakers:

Kenneth Davidson, University of Waterloo
Valentin Deaconu, University of Nevada, Reno
Adam Dor-On, University of Waterloo
Michael Dritschel, Newcastle University
Joerg Eschmeier, University of Saarland
Quanlei Fang, CUNY Bronx
Magdalena Georgescu, Ben-Gurion University
Michael Hartz, Washington University in St. Louis
Bill Helton, University of California, San Diego
Evgenios Kakariadis, Newcastle University
Elias Katsoulis, East Carolina University
Denish Kumar Keshari, NISCER, Bhubaneswar
Daniel Markiewicz, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
John McCarthy, Washington University in St. Louis
Paul Muhly, University of Iowa
Rachel Norton, University of Iowa
Benjamin Passer, Technion
Gelu Popescu, University of Texas, San Antonio
Guy Salomon, Technion
Jaydeb Sarkar, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore
Domonik Schillo, University of Saarland
Baruch Solel, Technion
Victor Vinnikov, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Jurij Volčič, University of Aukland
Yi Wang, Fudan University and Texas A&M


The topics of the workshop will be commutative and noncommutative multivariable operator theory, NC function theory, and non-selfadjoint operator algebras. The goal of the workshop is to highlight the connections between these topics, and to promote exchange of ideas and interaction between the the different groups working on multivariable operator theory.

The workshop will begin with a reception on the afternoon of Sunday, June 18, and will end on the evening of Thursday, June 22.
The program will consist of four full days of lectures, Monday through Thursday.
We will arrange housing for all participants (from Sunday to Friday morning), and there will be no registration fee. We will not be able to cover other expenses, except perhaps in special cases.

Transportation :

Ben Gurion Airport is Israel’s major international gateway. It is located on the outskirts of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, 115km from the workshop venue. A ride between Ben Gurion Airport and Haifa should last about an hour to an hour and a half.

TrainThere is direct train service (costs NIS 41.5) between Ben Gurion Airport and Haifa, with trains almost every hour all night long and, mostly, twice an hour during the day (due to public transportation adherence to Shabbat observance, there are no trains between Friday at ≈14:30 and Saturday at ≈19:30). Tickets are purchased at the vendor or the automatic machines at the entrance to the train station – 50 meters from the arrivals gate at the same building.

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Bus: If you wish to come by bus, there is a central bus station adjacent to the train station:

  1. To the Bay View Hotel: take bus line 133 or 132 or 3 (30min, costs NIS 5.9), tickets can be purchased from the driver.
  2. To the Technion: take bus line 1 or 11 or 17 (line 1 is the fastest and takes approximately 30 minutes. The other 2 lines take up to an hour). The ticket cost NIS 5.9 and you purchase it from the driver.

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  3. Israeli Shekels can also be obtained at most Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), including the airport and on campus.
  • Taxis will be arranged every day during the conference  from the hotel to the Technion and back.

For information please contact Orr Shalit (


Monday (19.6.17):

Joerg Eschmeier

Kenneth Davidson

Michael Hartz

Quanlei Fang

Yi Wang

Tuesday (20.6.17):

Gelu Popescu

Jurij Volcic

Wednesday (21.6.17):

Baruch Solel

Valentin Deaconu

Daniel Markiewicz

Paul Muhly

Rachael Norton

Ben Passer

Thursday (22.6.17):

Adam Dor-On

 Dinesh Kumar Keshari

Dominik Schillo

Elias Katsoulis

Evgenios Kakriadis

Michael Dritschel

Magdalena Georgescu